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Search Engine Optimization (seo) is defined as the process to create more visibility of your website in search engines for certain set of keywords.

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Search Engine Marketing (sem) is a type of internet marketing that involves marketing your website through search engine results page and using other all online marketing techniques.

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Social Media Marketing (smm) is a new trend of marketing using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare and many more. It is the ultimate method to create brand awareness and reach the target audience.

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Pay Per Click (ppc) is an online marketing method to bring quality traffic to your website from search engines that ultimately converts into leads. Here the advertiser has to pay for the clicks made to his ads on search engines.

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Google places helps anyone to list there business address in google for free. This is the best place where you can add your business and generate very good traffic and sales for your business.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Google Webmaster Tools Update: New Google Index Feature Added

Its really great to see google advancing its webmaster tools on regular basis. Experts of google webmaster team are working day and night to improve the online web exprience. They are trying their best to add new features to their webmaster tool to get the best outcomes to a website owner. Yesterday google has announced its new feature that has been added in the webmaster tool. This new feature is all about the indexing for a webmasters website. Below is the complete information about the new update at google webmaster tool.

Since Googlebot was born, webmasters around the world have been asking one question: Google, oh, Google, are my pages in the index? Now is the time to answer that question using the new Index Status feature in Webmaster Tools. Whether one or one million, Index Status will show you how many pages from your site have been included in Google’s index.

Index Status is under the Health menu. After clicking on it you’ll see a graph like the following:

It shows how many pages are currently indexed. The legend shows the latest count and the graph shows up to one year of data.

If you see a steadily increasing number of indexed pages, congratulations! This should be enough to confirm that new content on your site is being discovered, crawled and indexed by Google.
However, some of you may find issues that require looking a little bit deeper. That’s why we added an Advanced tab to the feature. You can access it by clicking on the button at the top, and it will look like this:

The advanced section will show not only totals of indexed pages, but also the cumulative number of pages crawled, the number of pages that we know about which are not crawled because they are blocked by robots.txt, and also the number of pages that were not selected for inclusion in our results.
Notice that the counts are always totals. So, for example, if on June 17th the count for indexed pages is 92, that means that there are a total of 92 pages indexed at this point in time, not that 92 pages were added to the index on that day only. In particular for sites with a long history, the count of pages crawled may be very big in comparison with the number of pages indexed.
All this data can be used to identify and debug a variety of indexing-related problems. For example, if some of your content doesn’t appear any more on Google and you notice that the graph of pages indexed has a sudden drop, that may be an indication that you introduced a site-wide error when using meta=”noindex” and now Google isn’t including your content in search results.
Another example: if you change the URL structure of your site and don’t follow our recommendations for moving your site, you may see a jump in the count of “Not selected”. Fixing the redirects or rel=”canonical” tags should help get better indexing coverage.
We hope that Index Status will bring more transparency into Google’s index selection process and help you identify and fix indexing problems with your sites. And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in our Help Forum. This article was posted yesterday at Google Webmaster Central Official Blog.
 This update to the webmaster tool has enabled the user to get an appropriate idea of its website indexing and crawling. Kindly have a look to the tweets flooded on twitter for this update.

I would like all of my visitors reading this post to share their valuable comments for this new feature added by google in its webmaster tool. Or else you can also discuss about this feature on my Google Plus Profile. Follow me on Google +

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization Services to India

Achieve Top Rankings for Your Company's Website in Major Search Engines.

Focus is a byword with the majority of the companies right now. To attain these rankings inside the industry, which make you stand apart, outsourcing Seo services to India shows the way. It's a considerably better way towards the maintenance of one's official web site because it takes bulk of one's advertising and marketing burdens on itself. Regardless of how effective your in-house staff may be, it nonetheless takes for a expert to arrive at a logical resolution. For an organization, marketing and advertising could be the helpful tool to reach towards the masses and carve out a profitable industry for itself. The visibility factor of a organization is at play right here as well as a quantity of well-liked search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Blekko and so on. result inside the purposeful search final results. Algorithms are an successful strategy to enhance the search engine rankings as well as to run an e-commerce site. Because the modifications are occurring at a rapid pace, it pays to get a web site to stand out amidst the list of productive search engine results.

Outsourcing SEO Services India

Outsourcing Search engine optimization (seo) assists you in grasping the complexities of link building method within a fairly uncomplicated way. Management of the writing process as with the content is tied up with the profitable method with the enterprise. It really is because the content material is the informative way to catch hold with the visitor attention at the web. The Search engine marketing is an expert who understands every single project on the basis of your needs as well as elements involved inside the competitors and comes up with a sound approach. Outsourcing Search engine optimization services assists in keyword optimization, density, rewriting the text, description, meta tags. These are valuable tools for generating site visitors within the web sites. The style of each site is special to ensure that desired result is obtained and in this method browser control for Internet explorer, Fire fox, opera are involved. Outsourcing is accomplished with an eye on streamlining the method of company operations and consequently to save the surplus amounts which you'll be able to use in other valuable elements of company.
The seo processes entail marketing and advertising, promotion and ranking your website. Outsourcing Seo in India is a practical strategy to setup realistic goals for your business because the operate completed is very methodical in its approach. As the approach takes its time, the gap among undertaking the projects and finishing them is utilized in developing workable strategies for your firms. These help in raising the rankings of your web site as high as you possibly can by taking the support of link exchange campaigns. Every Search engine marketing campaign is therefore special requiring total website optimization. A search engine Optimizer has the main job of integrating various aspects like content optimization, search engine rankings and correct keyword choice using a host of skills for both on page and off page seo optimization.

Decreasing the expenses of the advertising campaign may be the main aim due to which, you're in a position to develop other priorities inside your organization. Outsourcing Search engine optimization services to India therefore is very profitable for the organization because it provides the permanent boost you badly demand. The advantages are many along with the guarantees of success, a promised factor. Select an Search engine optimization consultant who is an expert and well known for its abilities in website optimization in the online marketing. Via SEO outsourcing to India, you might be in a position to tank up your resources to additional objectives to get a profitable venture.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns Cash Building Methods

One of the nice things about the Internet is the countless methods to make money. Whether you have been aware of it or not, tons of people are incomes cold-arduous money by engaged on the web.About 15 years ago, when the Internet first confirmed up at properties and companies everywhere, web sites and e-mail appeared like the most effective issues possible that the Internet might contribute.In as we speak's on-line world e-mails are not the primary way to communicate. Social networks have develop into one of the main methods of communication and they are an integral a part of any profitable weblog and website.

From tiny enterprise startups to unbiased consultants and mega-big multinational corporations, businesses have adopted Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as their major communication with their members. The social networking craze can be generating enough traffic for many blog and web site owners to make some additional money, or a main income from ppc programs with Google adsense, Yahoo or Bling.You can make a boat load of money should you place relevant ads in along with your related content. 

Still, the social media, for all their promise, can be particularly troublesome for business to master.It's troublesome for them to discover a strategy to make them pay in a tangible and measurable fashion.As many observers are beginning to note, a model new blended medium that they call social blogging combined with fine pay per click programs often is the next stage within the evolution of regular running a blog for enterprise and social networking.  

A social weblog is a method to take short posts or microblogs and status updates - video hyperlinks, quick messages, photos -and to communicate with those. In conventional running a blog for business, the enterprise weblog sits there and expects users to come read. A twist to this concept particularly with the smaller blogs is to ad a variety of pay per click campaigns and their commercials to make some extra cash from the traffic.With social blogging, all blog updates are sent directly to followers of a business.Typically, shoppers of a specific kind of services or products, go the social blogs so they can talk back to online businesses about constructive and destructive features of their products.

Lets take a look at the Mystarbucks website. Most of the online enterprise by no means thought this kind of weblog would ever fly but of course they were wrong. Though you won't see any ppc programs right here , I believe that Starbuck's is generating a superb sales enhance by having this social weblog online.

What is unique and widespread about this web site is the truth that they invite visitors to recommend new menu items for his or her shops and in addition how their packages is designed. While all of that is pretty common stuff, they took it into social blogging territory after they introduced out their Concepts in Action blog. It's cheap to assume that Starbucks wished to guantee that shoppers have been aware that their enter was making changes on the web site and stores.

Followers of Starbuck's on twitter really get alot more then simply data and coupons. They get a selection of wonderful current occasions data that is geared to their tastes, that they will talk and talk about their choices about.Different firms like Zappos even talk to their customers with one sentence blogs about things their customers have an interest in.

Unlike common enterprise blogs social blogs concentrate on communication utilizing the online however to peoples cell phones. To ensure that focused social running a blog to work on cell telephones your content needs to be very small and posted on a very regular basis.Due to the medium social blogging is directed to the content is much smaller then common blogging however related It is a method of seeing running a blog, and the social media not as two separate kinds of media but as one amorphous thing that includes every part, and advertising corresponding to incorporating pay per click programs is a big part too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Media Marketing In 2011: Five Top Suggestions For Successful Social Media Campaign

In terms of a profitable social media promotion, the secret is to make fans, followers and relations aren't just reading, however engaging in what you need to say. Usually, engagement is regarded as being pro-lively, however it's equally as necessary to use tools that help set up and disseminate info to give you the finest chance of getting an excellent response. And yes, you have heard it all before... however what have you actually carried out about it? Have you really found a approach to act on all the good recommendation there is out there?

1: Manage Your Crew

At first it is advisable to organize your social life. When you work as a group, who is managing which accounts? Do you will have purchasers you publish on behalf of? Are they posting at the same time as you? These are all questions you'll want to ask so you never double contact someone. By this, I mean, someone asks a question like "Where do I discover info on your return policy?" and three totally different individuals all reply to that same person. It's reply inundation and a major turn off. Even if you're a "one man band" chances are you'll put on different social hats. Setting your self up with completely different "workforce" views (even in case you're alone) helps keep you organized and on task.

2: Geo-Target

By no means below-estimate the facility of local. Do you know that the majority tweets are actually geo-tagged even when not despatched from a cellphone? Use this to your advantage by searching what's being stated about your industry in your location. A restaurant monitoring all tweets about their cafe within 20 miles has an ideal chance to send somebody a "thanks for eating at my restaurant, mention this tweet code and get 10% off your subsequent meal!"

3: Stop UP Ignoring LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains to be, to some extent, the purple haired step little one of the "big 3," behind Twitter and Facebook. However for advertising, there's a huge opportunity. Begin LinkedIn Teams and start building a following around your model, and submit to it regularly. Get the LinkedIn share plugin on your site.

4: Provide Credit Score

RSS posting is a good way to maintain info going out to your followers and followers, but what if the knowledge just isn't yours? Be certain that to mark "RT @" the individual, or "So and so wrote an awesome post." You don't want your streams to be cluttered with so much info that your following has no thought what's important. Also, folks have a tendency to love being talked about, and there is a good likelihood if you're posting someone's feed, they may post yours in return, so let them know!

5: Be Consistent

Granted, you may't be at your social media dashboard at all hours of the day, however it's essential to have content material going out to hit on a regular basis zones it's essential work together with. Schedule some posts up for if you're away (or sleeping) to keep all corners of the world engaged. Just make sure you be ready to reply as quickly as you get your pc began the subsequent day.

Ten recent algorithm changes

Today we’re continuing our long-standing series of blog posts to share the methodology and process behind our search ranking, evaluation and algorithmic changes. This summer we published a video that gives a glimpse into our overall process, and today we want to give you a flavor of specific algorithm changes by publishing a highlight list of many of the improvements we’ve made over the past couple weeks.

We’ve published hundreds of blog posts about search over the years on this blog, our Official Google Blog, and even on my personal blog. But we’re always looking for ways to give you even deeper insight into the over 500 changes we make to search in a given year. In that spirit, here’s a list of ten improvements from the past couple weeks:

  • Cross-language information retrieval updates: For queries in languages where limited web content is available (Afrikaans, Malay, Slovak, Swahili, Hindi, Norwegian, Serbian, Catalan, Maltese, Macedonian, Albanian, Slovenian, Welsh, Icelandic), we will now translate relevant English web pages and display the translated titles directly below the English titles in the search results. This feature was available previously in Korean, but only at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the translated titles will take you to pages translated from English into the query language.
  • Snippets with more page content and less header/menu content: This change helps us choose more relevant text to use in snippets. As we improve our understanding of web page structure, we are now more likely to pick text from the actual page content, and less likely to use text that is part of a header or menu.
  • Better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors: We look at a number of signals when generating a page’s title. One signal is the anchor text in links pointing to the page. We found that boilerplate links with duplicated anchor text are not as relevant, so we are putting less emphasis on these. The result is more relevant titles that are specific to the page’s content.
  • Length-based autocomplete predictions in Russian: This improvement reduces the number of long, sometimes arbitrary query predictions in Russian. We will not make predictions that are very long in comparison either to the partial query or to the other predictions for that partial query. This is already our practice in English.
  • Extending application rich snippets: We recently announced rich snippets for applications. This enables people who are searching for software applications to see details, like cost and user reviews, within their search results. This change extends the coverage of application rich snippets, so they will be available more often.
  • Retiring a signal in Image search: As the web evolves, we often revisit signals that we launched in the past that no longer appear to have a significant impact. In this case, we decided to retire a signal in Image Search related to images that had references from multiple documents on the web.
  • Fresher, more recent results: As we announced just over a week ago, we’ve made a significant improvement to how we rank fresh content. This change impacts roughly 35 percent of total searches (around 6-10% of search results to a noticeable degree) and better determines the appropriate level of freshness for a given query.
  • Refining official page detection: We try hard to give our users the most relevant and authoritative results. With this change, we adjusted how we attempt to determine which pages are official. This will tend to rank official websites even higher in our ranking.
  • Improvements to date-restricted queries: We changed how we handle result freshness for queries where a user has chosen a specific date range. This helps ensure that users get the results that are most relevant for the date range that they specify.
  • Prediction fix for IME queries: This change improves how Autocomplete handles IME queries (queries which contain non-Latin characters). Autocomplete was previously storing the intermediate keystrokes needed to type each character, which would sometimes result in gibberish predictions for Hebrew, Russian and Arabic.
If you’re a site owner, before you go wild tuning your anchor text or thinking about your web presence for Icelandic users, please remember that this is only a sampling of the hundreds of changes we make to our search algorithms in a given year, and even these changes may not work precisely as you’d imagine. We’ve decided to publish these descriptions in part because these specific changes are less susceptible to gaming.

For those of us working in search every day, we think this stuff is incredibly exciting -- but then again, we’re big search geeks. Let us know what you think and we’ll consider publishing more posts like this in the future.

Posted by Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Google+ Pages Now Available For All Nonprofits

Article Source

We’re committed to building online tools that help your nonprofit grow and thrive. One of our goals is to make it easier for you to connect with the millions of people who come to Google each day looking for organizations and causes to connect with. An important part of that connection is the lasting relationship you develop with your various constituents.

We want to make sharing online more like it is in the real world. That’s why the Google+ team introduced Google+ Pages - a new way to have customized conversations and interactions with your constituents - volunteers, donors, fans & more. Google+ is a great place for you to connect with consumers who are passionate about your cause.

With the launch of Google+ Pages, any cause, nonprofit or organization can now have a presence on Google+. We’ve compiled a few Google+ tips to help your create your Google+ profile, start posting, grow your circles, start a hangout, monitor the conversation and tell the world that your nonprofit is on Google+. A few organizations, Pencils of Promise, Save the Children and Museo del Prado, have started their own Google+ Pages. We hope their early work gives you some ideas & inspiration for your nonprofit’s Google+ page.

The Google for Nonprofits team is on Google+ too! Check out our Google for Nonprofits Google+ page and add us to your circles. We'll post community questions, host hangouts so you can meet the team & hear from experts, share tips & engage users in an ongoing conversation about nonprofits and technology.

There are also many resources to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news from Google+. We’ll post new information about Google+ for nonprofits on the Google for Nonprofits blog. Check back this week for more information about how nonprofit organizations can utilize Google+. You can also follow the Official Google blog to keep up with the latest Google+ product news and updates. If you need additional help with your Google+ page, check out the Google+ Help Center or post a question in the Google+ Page Discuss.

We look forward to connecting with you on Google+.

Posted by Leslie Hernandez Dinneen, Team

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